But then I noticed that I could get one 8GB stick for the same price as two 4's, and combine it with one of the 2GB sticks already in my machine, giving me 10GB total. Apr 09, 2019 · With this, the 8gb RAM vs 16gb RAM isn’t an issue. I had 4x8GB 3200/16 Tridentz, and grabbed a set of the 2x16GB 3200/14. Do I stick with this ram, go for the 16gb 1333, or stick with this and buy an extra 8gb 1600mhz elsewhere? p. If you have a higher end PC, you could look into a four-stick kit. Aug 10, 2019 · Since I’m a newbie I wanted to ask if i should use only 2 of them for the dual channel or if I should buy another stick and go for 4x8gb ram. To be absolutely sure I got compatible sticks-I bought 2 x 8gb sticks from Dell. I wanna upgrade my ram in my laptop so i'll be able to run games better since its a gaming laptop. Getting 4 of these sticks would equal 4 ranks of memory (256-bits), which in Daisy Chain memory topology, can actually perform better than just two sticks of single rank memory (using only 128-bits). all Ram modules of 8GB ddr4 or 4 of 16GB dr4 which perform better? i heard that 2 sticks is slightly more easy on the memory controller, but most times  Got eight identical sticks of 2GB ram (totaling 16GB) and installed it on all available slots. And you can find a 32GB kit for less than $230, which used to sell for well Jan 10, 2021 · (e) Getting 8GB RAM is costlier than 4GB RAM + Intel Optane memory combination. Nov 10, 2016 · For the most part DDR4 memory is now cheaper than older DDR3, with 8GB DDR3-2400 kits starting at just $60-- less than many of you would spend on a lump of aluminum for your CPU -- you probably If you have two 2GB modules and are adding a third for a total of 6GB vs. 8GB of total RAM would affect the results. Redundancy. There's an EXTREMELY small performance advantage to 2x16GB vs 4x8GB. If you have one 8GB stick your machine will look at the first bit and progress down the stick till it reaches your data or the 8th GB, that takes time If you have 2 x4GB sticks your dividing the work load in half. More RAM is better, even if you use different size RAM who work with graphics, video or sound sh Results 1 - 16 of 1000+ Amazon. Connection-wise, you will enjoy 2x USB3. in our tests, the performance difference is barely there. 7 out of 5 stars 796 $61. May 25, 2015 · Unless you are pushing the ram to the performance limit, you will really not see a difference. My machine has 4 slots, so I can have 4 sticks Aug 10, 2019 · Since I’m a newbie I wanted to ask if i should use only 2 of them for the dual channel or if I should buy another stick and go for 4x8gb ram. 24. 4GB, you'll almost certainly see better improvement from more RAM than dual channel. 97 May 18, 2019 · Hey there and welcome to another quick post, this time I’m going to explain the difference between having 2 RAM sticks vs 1, this question often comes to your mind when you want to build a new PC or when you think of upgrading the RAM to get better performance for things like gaming and video editing… etc, anyway, I’ll mention the advantages and disadvantages of both options and how to Oct 08, 2012 · Windows 7 with 16Gb ram im running Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit. They generally need to be matching pairs. Nov 22, 2011 · 8GB RAM sticks cost lot more than 2x4GB sticks, so much more that you can probably buy 4x4GB at the price and still have money left. If you have loaded the slots up with 8 GB sticks you have a problem, adding another pair of 16 GB sticks to Oct 28, 2017 · Many people will say use 2 sticks instead of one, but I personally would go with a single 16GB stick even if it means reduced memory speeds. com Dual rank 16gb sticks is normal seeing memory sticks are only so long they can't fit all memory chips on one side So they are on both sides = dual rank. If you have 4 slots or you don't plan to ever upgrade, 2x8gb is better since that is faster and will increase the performance of your pc. That uses a lot of RAM. This is well above the 2400 MHz standard for DDR4 RAM, and leagues beyond anything a DDR3 RAM kit would be capable of. Cons. Both sticks would have to be the same amount (i. In fact 4 sticks of 4MB in quad channel if supported will be fastest. Here are some of the main DDR4 improvements over DDR3 RAM: Aug 07, 2020 · Real Reasons to Go with a Dual or Quad Channel Setup. Dec 11, 2019 · 2 modules will use less power and generate less heat than 4. If you have 1 stick of 8GB or 2 sticks of 4GB. 24 Gb total RAM is better than 16 Gb. 2x 16GB vs 4GB+32GB, but otherwise it's good, e. Though going for fewer sticks would be my first choice as well. If and only if you are using 4 sticks. So basically: would 2x16 GB RAM sticks perform better than  any technical performance difference between getting two sticks vs four sticks? With RAM prices dropping lately, I could get 2x8GB now and another 2x8GB later for On a dual channel platform, 2 X 16GB and 4 X 8GB will usually p 2 May 2020 1*32GB vs 2*16GB vs 4*8GB RAM Test | PC Gameplay Benchmark Test in RAM 2 : Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Series 2*16GB DDR4 3600MHz RAM 3 2 Sticks of RAM on R5 5600X for Up to 10% Better Performance. Aug 19, 2019 · Adding an 8Gb stick to 4Gb stick will make both sticks work in dual channel mode, but only as two 4Gb sticks. Shouldn't the entire 24gb be usable. So it would be a good idea to upgrade your GPU before you start messing with RAM, even a GT 1030 is better than that GT 520 and has more VRAM. If you're planning to upgrade in the future to 64 better go for 2 x 16 gb first. But really, I'd go with 2x8GB and verify that you actually  RAM to buy, I see that the 8 GB RAM sticks have better timings compared with 16 GB RAM sticks. Silicon Power DDR3 16GB (2 x 8GB) 1600MHz (PC3 12800) 240-pin CL11 1. 2. Same result. Apr 29, 2014 · Having two sticks lets you use dual-channel memory, and can be a little bit faster than just 1 stick with the same capacity. So You Wanna Be A Playa , But Your Rig's Ain't Fly , 2x16 is great, easier on the MC (memory controller), can OC CPU a bit higher (generally), also easier to OC the DRAM higher. Drawing the conclusion is definitely not an easy task in this scenario. The memory kit meets the manufacturer’s 16Gb specification for the four DIMMs on the motherboard (DIMMs 1 – 4). Sisoftsandra values about 18 Gbps memory bandwith. Oct 24, 2019 · Most RAM buying guides, including ours, insist that 16GB is the value sweet spot, and for good reason: Many consumer programs tend to spill over 8GB of use, while few consume more than 16GB. Going The reason is simple, it runs dual channel up to 16 Gb and single channel on the rest of 8 Gb. s. Look at latencies, if they're much more lax on the 16GB sticks, you may be better served by 4x8. It’s also available in HDD and SSD storage with varying memory sizes. More RAM is better, even if you use different size RAM who work with graphics, video or sound sh 16 Dec 2019 For example, if your first stick is 4GB, you can still add a new 8GB stick. If your single application uses 200 MB of RAM, it won't matter if you've got 2 or 8GB of total system memory, but if you've got 10 windows open using 200 MB each, then you are probably going to Apr 22, 2019 · For example, a 16GB (2 x 8 GB) pack of G. Four sticks will also produce twice as much heat, which How to increase fps / gaming performance - intel graphics ?In this video, I test the effect of dual channel ram over single channel memory in various games u So lets say you want 64gb of ram. As 2018 witnessed a sharp fall of the price of memory sticks, 8GB has been the least capacity of DDR4 memory sticks and 16GB ones have been available to consumers. com Feb 24, 2013 · If the 8GB stick is certified at the same speed as the 2 4GB sticks the 8GB will perform better than the 2 4GB sticks, if you have two faster 4GB sticks they will perform equal or faster than the 8GB though. Apr 11, 2020 · If you buy a 3200 16gig kit you're probably better off removing the 2400 8gb stick. If you want to bump system RAM up to 32 GB, the best course of action is to pull the 2x8GB DIMMs you have now, sell them or stick them in a drawer Feb 06, 2021 · 1. the more physical chips on the dimm, the denser the routing and the worse signal integrity you get. - Even with gaming 16GB is really only just starting to happen with high end machines. 15 Nov 2019 Should I go 2 sticks of 32Gb or 4 sticks of 16Gb? Ryzen 9 3900 on a B450 Steel legend, if it memory kits use multiple 4GB or 8GB SR memory sticks. Oct 16, 2017 · Hi Guys, I have 2 sticks of FURY 8gb 1866mhz CL10 Ram, exact same model, timing etc. Simply because in real-world scenarios, the performance difference is more than likely going to be there. This stick is often a better option if you plan to upgrade the RAM at a later stage. This will manage the minimum specifications for games from 2012 onwards, and while most modern games are ok with 4GB of RAM, you’re probably better off starting out with 8GB to avoid having to replace it too soon in the future. I installed 2 8gb sticks in slots 3 and 4 yesterday. With dual channel it reach 25 Gbps, single module 13 Gbps. 2x8GB will have better timings/speeds though. I have inserted 1 stick into my new build and CPU/RAM meter shows im mostly using not more than half. Let me explain: 1. This is a great RAM to start with on a budget, especially if you’re building a PC for the first time. Let’s go with the practical one first. From experience, upgrading 4x4GB to 4x8GB sticks was a pain, had to replace all modules, and sell the old ones. Now I want to increase the RAM. Always check your motherboard to identify the slots you need to use; in most cases, these are slots 2 and 4. In simple words - Your PC can access two memory sticks at the same time and use them together to be faster. The Patriot Viper 4 16GB RAM kit retails for just under $100 on most days, and is comprised of two 8GB DDR4 RAM sticks running at a whopping 3000 MHz each. Originally I had installed 4 GB / 4x1GB in slots 1-4 (white ones) On Windows properties - Installed memory shows as 8GB (4GB usable). Single Channel(No speed difference put ram where ever you like) 2. We have started to see more games with 16GB as recommended amount of RAM. 1 x 8GB Vs 2 x 4GB Sticks. If your laptop has a dedicated graphics card that shares system memory, again you'll want two sticks. The cpu and gpu still need to be capable. Jul 17, 2012 · I currently have 4GB of RAM (2x2 GB). I will not need more than 16gb of ram for sure but in case I’d see a higher performance with 4 ram sticks instead of two I’d gladly spend another 50eur. Buying a single 16GB memory stick is as costly as a buying a dual channel 16GB kit (2 memory sticks each 8GB). 8GB+16GB is better than 2x 8GB. If you want 32GB get 2x16GB. So thats my question 2 8gb ram sticks or 1 16gb ram stick. Oct 04, 2016 · 1. The remaining 4Gb of the second stick will work in a single channel. Well I suggest the 2 sticks of 16 GB. So just upgrade to biggest single module you can get and keep the old RAM. $257. Sep 11, 2015 · I could have just pulled two of the systems' original four memory sticks but I decided some would be concerned the 16GB vs. Apr 11, 2011 · So I like to play around with photos in photoshop, maybe render a youtube video or two, and why not play some games. 5K views. I was intending to sell off the other one online or something. I was originally going to upgrade by getting two 4 GB sticks and replacing the two 2 GB sticks I have for a total of 8GB. Assuming your computer can take a RAM upgrade then there are a few Published 7 months ago: July 29, 2020 at 4:30 pm - But if you need more – like 16GB or beyond, what are the rules for DIY upgrades? For example, rather than k 4 8GB sticks and remove apples Ram and save it; 2 16GB sticks and mix them RAM and quad vs dual etc… or having all 4 slots filled is better than 2 open. Also single stick will mess up with dual channel which will slow you down by about 5-10% in memory intensive stuff which you don't want to do. Dual Rank Memory (vs Quad Rank Memory) Single Rank Memory vs. If you're not planning to upgrade, than the 4x8 is better than 2x16. But, if, for aesthetic reasons you want 4 sticks in there, buy a matched 4 x 8gb kit(or a 4 x 16gbkit) 20 Sep 2018 It's basically the same. For example, Balistix is selling a 16 GB, 2666 MHz DRR4 kit for $84. Pros. It came with 8gb (2 x 4gb sticks). But what if you tried installing 3 sticks into a 4-slot motherb But I have a desktop with 16GB of RAM and a laptop with 8GB of RAM, both Do I buy two sticks of higher-capacity memory or four sticks of lower memory? there are four slots, the RAM should have been placed in quantities of 2, 4, 6, 16 Dec 2019 For example, if your first stick is 4GB, you can still add a new 8GB stick. If you're talking 8GB vs. "I Don't Need More RAM". Both 1 x 8GB and 2 x 4GB sticks have their advantages and disadvantages. I can optionally put this stick also in and See full list on appuals. RAM only gets used if the system and installed software\games needs it. . Always good to have just empty slots - decide you want more RAM? Oct 15, 2017 · The single rank 8GB modules are easier on an IMC than the 16GB modules , there have been several threads about issues with 16GB modules, I don't own any kits with 16GB modules to test any differences between the 2, personally I would go for a 4 8GB module kit but cannot confirm any pro's or con's either way other than purchase what you want in Generally it is better to have two 8 GB sticks rather than just a single 16 GB stick from a performance perspective. Cheers Mike: General Discussion: 16GB ram I felt a bit flush recently and bought 4 x 4gb ddr2 stick to upgrade my main PC. If you do heavy browsing, second scenario is more Nov 27, 2015 · Dual-channel-enabled memory controllers utilize two 64-bit data channels, resulting in a total bandwidth of 128-bits, to move data from RAM to the CPU. Why do i only see 8Gb as opposed to 16Gb ? My motherboard will run up to 16Gb. How 'bout 2 4GB sticks? It's not like it's expensive (<$50 right now on newegg). I know the Z370 is dual channel but, I see so many Coffee Lake builds on YouTube using 4 sticks of memory. I doubt that you adding 2 more potentially unmatched sticks would be successful where others have failed. Its been getting close to having my system for a year and im looking for an upgrade because right now i have 8gb but would like to upgrade to 16gb and I have been looking for answers, but the most people have been saying is "2 sticks are easier on the memory controller" or "having 4 sticks does have an impact on performance, but its negligible" Like is there any affect on overclocking RAM or Jul 02, 2018 · I decided to upgrade the computer with a 2 X 8Gb (16Gb) memory module kit I ordered from Crucial according to the Website’s memory compatibility and selection applet. T-Topology is becoming a thing of the past. Few Nov 10, 2017 · Hello! So my 8700K shipped today, and I need a motherboard and memory. 35V Unbuffered UDIMM PC Computer Desktop Memory Module Ram Upgrade 4. Resale value of 32GB sticks is higher. 1 x 8GB stick. " That extra speed helps integrated graphics perform a lot better. Feb 24, 2013 · If the 8GB stick is certified at the same speed as the 2 4GB sticks the 8GB will perform better than the 2 4GB sticks, if you have two faster 4GB sticks they will perform equal or faster than the 8GB though. This can be seen on places like ebay where 4GB sticks of DDR3 are ~$20 while 8GB sticks of DDR3 can go up to $50. May 11, 2013 · Secondly, if you plan on overclocking your memory at all now or in the perceivable future, two sticks will scale a lot better than four. 1, 1x USB 2. discernible difference between 2 and 4 RAM modules, for both AMD and require more than 16GB of memory, this won't impact performance. May 07, 2020 · Even lightweight games today punish such channels. If one of the  Most people will say that it is better to get two sticks of RAM so that you can utilize the 8GB Single Channel and 8GB Dual Channel; 16GB Dual Channel (w/two games: Dirt 4, PUBG, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, GTA V, and Battlefront 13 Jul 2019 and does the number of memory sticks installed (2 sticks of 16gb vs 4 sticks of 8gb, either rated at 3200 or 3600) actually make any difference  19 Aug 2019 RAM, or random-access memory, is a kind of computer data storage, but it's quite required amount goes up to 8Gb, recommended — to 16Gb and beyond. Especially if you use the integrated graphics card. Older Dual Channel requires equal pairs. You're limited by the slowest module. 2 sticks of 4GB), right? Ideally yes / Single Rank Memory vs. At present, there are two packages, including a single strip and a set of two in the e-commerce platform. ·. My system shows 24gb installed, but only 16gb usable. Performance difference is unnoticeable, you only have 2 channels. Sep 30, 2020 · It may be questionable when comparing extremes e. g. The higher capacity the stick of RAM, the higher resale value later on. If you’ve already got 8-16GB of DDR3-1600 I wouldn’t bother, but if you opted for DDR3-800 to DDR3-1066 when you built your system and have just 4-6GB of memory in it, you may see some modest Sometimes, you may also have to swap the slots of both the RAM sticks. The prices aren't that much different. As you have 8GB RAM up to 4GB of that can be used as Shared Memory. 29 May 2020 Do you mean two 16GB sticks vs four 8GB sticks? If so, then it doesn't really matter for most modern motherboards. If you are playing games that use up to and over 1GB, your Physical RAM will be used as Shared Video Memory which causes more RAM usage. Also in some cases going from 2 to 4 ram modules will require to A 2 stick 2 x 16gb replacement would be the logical choice. (Side note: 90%+ of consumer boards are now daisy chain. tkoham July 24, 2018, 11:28pm #3. Dual Rank Memory (vs Quad Rank Memory) Single Rank Memory can be memory with chips on only one side of the memory module (stick of memory) or chips on both sides of the module as long as the chips are in one rank that is accessed while writing to or reading Aug 30, 2020 · As a thought experiment, if I decided to spend $800 on 32GB of RAM at my local Apple Store (2 x 16GB sticks) and then it turned out to be a different RAM manufacturer than what my iMac came with (let’s say I had Micron and the store modules are SKhynix), that’s a problem when the ensuing installation either leaves me with RAM running slower May 19, 2016 · You'll also need to check what amount and speed of memory it can accept: it's no good dropping a few hundred bucks on a 32GB 3,000MHz kit if your motherboard only goes to 16GB and 2,666MHz. . a "dual channel system will look at the first bit of both sticks at the same time So, here's the deal. So my XPS 8700 came with 2 4gb RAM sticks, installed in slots 1 and 2 for a total of 8gb memory. Advantages and Disadvantages of Intel Optane Memory Advantages (Pros) (a) Intel Optane memory when used along with HDD can decrease boot time of computer. 2 x 4 Gig sticks can also be a little bit cheaper. 88 (4 new offers) Silicon Power DDR3 16GB (2 x 8GB) 1600MHz (PC3 12800) 240-pin CL11  64GB kits – 2x 32GB kits – 4x 16GB kits – 8x 8GB kits ???32GB ki. 4. So, if you have the budget then go for 8GB RAM else you can opt for the RAM + Optane combo. e. I have 4 x 4Gb sticks. Skill TridentZ DDR4 RAM that cost around $215 a year ago is $100 cheaper today. Dec 10, 2018 · Most PCs use a RAM kit of 2 sticks, so 2 x 8GB would mean 16GB total of RAM. ram is also bottlenecking cpus these days, hence why higher mhz giv 17 Jan 2020 Things get even messier when you introduce more memory sticks or modules. So you decide you want to edit videos. RAM > SSD, the OS does far more with RAM and it's far faster, the more you can pre-cahce into memory the better! As for "is 2 sticks of 8gb better than 4 of 4gb", in my case it certainly would be, as x79 has Quad-Channel RAM. 99, but you can purchase a dual kit of 8 GB, 2666 MHz for $69, with DDR4 being some of the most affordable RAM right now. You are looking a less than 3% difference. Two sticks are nearly always better, as you'll be able to get dual channel mode. Unless you have a cheap  3 Nov 2019 There is such a joke, “When I opened an Internet bar in 2016, I purchased over 400 DDR4 8G memory sticks, each of which cost 180 yuan. Conclusion. com: 16gb ram stick. Irrespective of the workload, always consider a dual-channel memory. 0, 1x HDMI, 1x RJ-45, and 1x headphone/microphone combo. Are two 4GB sticks of RAM better than four 2GB sticks? Which RAM configuration is better? While you might not notice much performance difference, lesser modules result in a more reliable system. 97 4+4 gb or 4+8gb RAM? - posted in Internal Hardware: Hi, I am currently considering to upgrade my laptop ram. If you want to keep as dirt cheap as possible just find another 2400-2600 8gb stick in use that instead as 3200 is a bit of a waste if you plan on keeping the old one there May 09, 2019 · Stupid I know, but everyone's that tried using 4 matched 8GB sticks has run into POST issues. Jul 24, 2018 · General rule with Ryzen is always to prefer 2 sticks over 4. It depends. why isnt 16gb 1600mhz an option? Feb 04, 2017 · If your laptop uses integrated graphics you'll want two sticks because the memory will run twice as fast in "dual channel mode. Sticks that have lower capacity per stick usually have tighter timings and lower latency, but lose a little performance when big payloads have to be processed. 12 (4GB modules), you may still see some improvement, but it'll still depend on your particular setup and uses. Ballistix Sport Gray 8GB DDR4-2400. Crucial System Scanner | Crucial. 97 $ 61 . Whatever the case may be, having 16GB RAM would always be a better choice than going for 8GB RAM. It wouldn’t, but I’ll 16GB of RAM is the best place to start for gaming. Currently my internal ram comes with 4gb 2133mhz sodimm ddr4, with 1 more ram slot for Oct 09, 2011 · A single 8GB stick is over $2002 x 4GB sticks is $45-75 so price wise the 2x4GB is cheaper. Two sticks will draw more current than one and produe more heat. Jan 17, 2020 · Please note the CL14 memory does pack a 32GB capacity as you can’t get 3200 CL14 4GB modules, but since World War Z doesn’t require more than 16GB of memory, this won’t impact performance. Dual channel doesn't really do much with only 2 sticks. of using more than 8GB RAM regardless of a software\games potential. Single vs Dual vs Quad Channel Ram Test in PC Gaming Benchmark Test | GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER 8GB#RamTest #RTX2080SUPER #singlechannel #dualchannel #quadchannel I wanna upgrade my ram in my laptop so i'll be able to run games better since its a gaming laptop. If you have 2 slots, a single 16gb is better,since you can upgrade in the future easier. It may take a longer time to process multiple tasks with the stick. Dual Channel- Best performance is in pairs of equal speed. So I tried installing the 8gb sticks in slots 1 and 2, and the 4gb sticks in slots 3 and 4. I have switched out the 1TB HDD for a 500GB SSD. Although 8GB was enough for many years, new AAA games like Cyberpunk 2077 demand 8GB of RAM at minimum, though up to 16GB is recommended. So 2 sticks of 16GB? or 4 of 8GB? Corsair Memory Thanks in advance! Silicon Power DDR3 16GB (2 x 8GB) 1600MHz (PC3 12800) 240-pin CL11 1. Manufacturers charge more for a large RAM stick than they do for a smaller stick. With a few exceptions currently, 16GB is only needed when using a 4K resolution. Most processors these days are dual channel, meaning they perform best with two identical sets of memory and some are even quad channel. Aug 20, 2019 · I don't know of many laptops that can handle 16gb sticks of memory 8 is usually the max and even that is not automatic. 3. Nov 05, 2019 · this is not my question, i asked what is better [faster and more stable] 2 x 32GB sticks of RAM or 4 x 8GB sticks rated at the same specs, in this case 3600MHz 11-04-2019 01:16 PM #7 cniedzi Mar 25, 2009 · If you know that 16GB will be all that you require, or don't expect to need an upgrade anytime soon, do two 8GB sticks, because this will have the memory in dual channel mode, which slightly improves overall system performance, particularly on the iGPU. Jun 14, 2017 · If we have to answer the question about 8GB RAM vs 16GB RAM for gaming, it would be plenty if not excess to have a 16GB chip. I recently bought a new XPS 8900.